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Certified High Performance Coach and Lifestyle Designer
Dedicated to helping YOU bridge the gap between hustle and heart and developing mastery in 5 key areas of life: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence so that you may design your life for success!

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Did you know…

That you ~ *YES YOU!*have the ability to achieve all of your greatest dreams and desires?

Take a moment right now… and visualize!
Think about the dream that you’ve kept hidden away for quite some time…
Or the dream that you haven’t revisited in a while…
Or heck – the dream that you continually express to the world but just haven’t put it into place…
Because maybe  *life’s circumstances* have just gotten in the way…

Maybe your greatest desire is…
To ditch the 9 to 5 and start your own business,
To become financially free,
To get into the best shape of your life,
To start a family,
To sell your house and travel the world,
To strengthen your relationship with your husband or wife,
To take your business to the next level,
To make new friends,
To have time for yourself without feeling guilty,
To have the courage and confidence to do what it takes to find happiness and joy,
To live wildly free, or…
To simply discover your dream, your purpose, and your passions…

You get the picture…  your dream.
Got it in your head?

Well, did you know… Your dream is calling your name?

And it’s screaming,

“It’s your time”

to finally make it happen!

To live a life of abundance,
To let go of the past and move forward,
To wake up joyfully with purpose,
To experience life vibrantly and free, and…
To live a life that truly matters!

Now say it with me..

“It’s my time!
It’s my time!
It’s my time!”

Seriously though…
Say it with me again…


Let that sink in… Because it is your time.

Not quite convinced?
Let me help.

I believe in you.

And if no one has ever told you…

You’ve got incredible potential.

And it’s my job to help you BELIEVE and REALIZE it too.

As one of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches in the world, I’ve made it my mission to help you believe and realize your greatest potential in all areas of your life so that you may design an exceptional life that you LOVE.

Because you deserve it.
Plain and simple.

We all deserve a life that we’re madly obsessed with and adore, but only a small percentage of us actually focus on the right strategies and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Your dreams are waiting…

Let Me Show You The Way

So you’re probably asking yourself, “What is high performance anyway?”


High Performance means excelling and succeeding above the standard norms consistently over the long term. High Performance in our lives is the result of heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, productivity, and influence.

Sound a bit daunting?
Don’t fret…

With the right guidance, tools and strategies, you’ll be performing at high levels in no time!

When we experience clarity, energy, productivity, influence, and a sense of purpose in our lives, we enter a state of flow and develop great habits that allow us to manifest all that we desire in our lives.

As your High Performance Coach, we will work together to master:

  • Your mind
  • Your body
  • Your focus
  • Your ability to influence, and
  • Your presence

…so that you may design a life filled with purpose, passion and drive!

By mastering these areas of your life, you will experience clarity, energy, productivity and influence, and discover how all of these areas in your life are interconnected.

Countless studies, my own personal experiences, and my clients’ experiences have proven that our performance in one area has the power to positively or negatively affect our performance in other areas. And that’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping visionaries, like you, master each of these areas in your life by providing you with High Performance tools, strategies and a proven process that works!

If you’re ready to be in the top 1% of achievers as a High Performer, to live vibrantly, fully, and freely, and to start designing the life you’ve always imagined…

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Want to hear what others think?

Ashley K.

-Ashley K.-
Owner & Consultant
Texas, U.S.A.

“Since working with Larissa as my High Performance Coach, I have gained more energy, clarity, purpose and focus. I have gained renewed confidence, and learned more about myself as a business owner and individual. Because of her coaching I have been able to zero in on my strengths in business and in my personal life.

Larissa is an incredible coach, teacher and mentor, and she really cares and wants to see you succeed. She will work with you 1-on-1 to achieve your business goals.

As an Amazon seller, I have seen my business grow not just in profits, but in clarity and less time spent working! I have a lot more balance, focus and energy. I have already seen an increase in sales of over $10,000 as a result of working with Larissa and High Performance Coaching.

Larissa is your go-to resource for learning how to manage, structure and grow your business. If you feel a lack of focus or clarity, Larissa will help you stay focused and define your purpose!”

“At first we were a bit hesitant because it was quite a big investment for us. Running a small family business, our budget was tight but after the first few sessions we were thankful we did! Not only have the tactics we learned paid for the cost many times over, we have now built an amazing friendship with Larissa.

Larissa genuinely cares about our success and our growth. She knows that everyone is different and customizes her plans to make sure we get the most out of the coaching based on our unique needs. Not only has she helped us be more productive, she has really helped us discover our limiting beliefs and how to break through them.

We highly recommend anyone who wants to take their business and their life to the next level to talk with Larissa right away!”

Kat & Kaman K.

-Kat & Kaman C.-
California, U.S.A.

Mandy C.

-Mandy C.-
Owner & Business Coach
at MandyCCarpenter, LLC.
Maryland, U.S.A.

“Every single call with Larissa was memorable and life-changing…

I can say that it was through our coaching together that I really learned what it means and looks like to design my own life — to not wait until TOMORROW. It’s through her guidance and encouragement that I am seeing such positive changes in my entire life including my business, parenting, marriage, all areas, really…

I’ve seen my entire life completely transform — without the High Performance Coaching, I don’t think that my business would be taking off as quickly as it has!”

“Where to begin… I started working with Larissa at the beginning of August 2016 and in short she as completely changed my life!  Larissa is very positive, encouraging, and extremely supportive.  I could not think of a better person to work with.  

The coaching and tools she has provided have turned me into a high performer.  Before working with her I went throughout the day without a plan.  I would set some goals, but I would not have a “road map” to accomplish those goals.  I have learned to make time each morning to schedule out my day, reflect on my accomplishments at the end of the day, and also to make note on how I can improve.  

I am more confident, and I have started a lot of new positive habits as a result.  I have more clarity and I am becoming more influential with those around me and this is a very new and exciting feeling.  Her coaching has helped me transition from my 9-5 to going full time with my business as of September 2016.”

Thomas C.

-Thomas C.-
Owner at Benchmark Advantage, LLC.
Indiana, U.S.A.

Alecia L.

-Allison K.-
Life Coach & Entrepreneur
at AllisonKodama.com
Hawaii, U.S.A.

“Coaching with Larissa brought my attention to the blind spots in my life that I wanted to adjust to be more in-line with who I am. The process is empowering when you work with Larissa to figure what’s working and what’s not. What I love most is that we got to plan, execute and optimize my life and business goals all throughout the coaching process!”

“Larissa is a kind hearted soul with the patience of Job. She is passionate about her work and is incredibly understanding.

One of the on-going themes of our talks was about self-worth and following through with commitments. Despite the feelings of overwhelm with the high standards I had set for myself, she helped me break things down into manageable pieces.

At times, I sincerely felt like a broken record trying to make sense of it all. But, nonetheless, she was patient, stood by my side and advocated for my personal success. She is willing to talk about anything and everything, and she doesn’t give up on her clients. I felt very comfortable opening up to Larissa with all the intricacies of my life, no matter how small.

Larissa believed in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself, and I can’t thank her enough for her support.”

Allison K.

-Alecia L.-
Owner & Fashion Photographer
at AleciaLindsay.com
Alaska, U.S.A.

-Dirk S.-
Owner at Break the Chains Ent.
Indiana, U.S.A.

“High Performance Coaching (HPC) with Larissa Miralles has changed my life! Before I started my sessions with Larissa, I was stuck in a rut with no direction or a clear plan on how to get out of that rut…

Larissa has a well laid out plan to get down to the root of your issues. She probes deep into the mental, physical, relational aspects of your life to really get to know and understand her client’s needs.

Larissa will ask some soul searching questions… to make you think deeply and reflect on areas that you might not have even thought about… And she is always available to encourage and build you up through the hard times.

Since I have completed HPC, I’ve gotten my Amazon business back in full gear, I’ve created a completely new relationship with my wife and children, I’ve enrolled in an online university to achieve my Master’s degree, was named MVP in a local men’s organization, and was elected to a political position!”

“I have nothing but great things to say about Larissa and her High Performance Coaching Program!…

In the 12 weeks that I worked with her she helped me find the much needed clarity in my life. I see much more clearly in what I want to be in both my personal life and my business. I learned how to have the right mindset in everything that I do. I shifted my way of thinking so I am not afraid of putting myself first, I have more energy, my productivity has increased, I have the courage to move on and fight for what is most important to me and best of all I am showing my children that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to…

Her style of coaching is 100% about you! She listened to everything that I said, took notes, followed up with me through email and texted me throughout the week. She held me accountable!”

Jeannie F.

-Jeannie F.-
Woman in Charge
at JRF Marketing Solutions, LLC.
Georgia, U.S.A.

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